A Reliable, Affordable & Robust Food Delivery Aggregator Platform

Launch your food delivery business & serve your “ate, eating, and going to eat” types of customers with a robust food aggregator app while maximizing your business’ earnings with minimum investment and no setup costs.

  • All in one management system
  • Delivery Dispatch
  • Real-time-tracking
  • Advanced Analytics

Welcome Every Flavour And Build Your Online Food Delivery Platform Just Like - DoorDash

Are you curious to grow your own food aggregator platform like DoorDash? Our solution and power-packed features will help you to generate better ROI and efficient management. We will make sure to stick by your side until you get your first order.

18 million

DoorDash Monthly Active Users


Total Number of Restaurants on Platform


Cities Served Globally

2.0 million

Drivers Registered

$2.9 Billion

Total Revenue Generated


How Much Worth It Is To Build An Aggregator Platform Nowadays?

To launch your own aggregator platform you will be in need of a customer app, store app, driver app, and a super admin app to manage everything. Calculating the cost of each panel entails a bigger return on investment. With our food delivery solution, you can have

  • Get complete panel at just $99/ per month.
  • Retain better profit with advanced features.
  • Keep track of all the transactions.
  • No per-transaction fees.

Get A Complete Toolkit And Launch, Run, Grow Your Food Ordering & Delivery Platform Gallantly

Take your platform to a range of users and even scale it to different cities as our food ordering and delivery solution offers unmatched excellence-driven features. Simplify the food ordering process for your customers effectively with minimum delays and confusion.

For your aggregator platform, get a full feature technology solution.

Ramp up your food ordering & delivery business just like DoorDash.

Take your food business to new heights without getting affected by COVID-19.

Experience the synergy between your app idea and our workflow

Get Into Live-Action In 15 Minutes

Our ready-to-use solution takes just 15 minutes to begin serving you and then leaves you with ample of time to focus on other productive activities like business growth, marketing, and increasing profits. Choose our solution and give yourself more time for devising other relevant strategies.

With Our Loyalty Program Build Customer Retention And Allegiance
For Your Own Aggregator Platform

Utilize the loyalty program to nurture a loyal customer base and boost profits. To broaden your horizons, run multiple marketing strategies and target different customer bases in a seamless manner.

  • 40%

    of more Generated Revenue

  • 80%

    more Highly Engaged Customers

  • 50%

    more New Users

How Our Loyalty Program Can Help Your Business To Relinquish New Heights?

  • 01

    Loyal Customer Base

    Your customers will get a more personalized experience that will strengthen the brand's relationship with them.

  • 02

    Increase Order Frequency

    Encourage your customers to reach higher levels of status, experience special benefits, earn more points per order, and redeem incentives more quickly.

  • 03

    Turn First Time Buyers Into Brand Advocates

    Loyalty program will convert your customers to brand advocates as they will offer trust and reassurance, helping you to gain more customers.

  • 04

    Increase Customer Lifetime Value

    You get access to data insights of your customers and can track down their buying habits that helps you better understand their specific needs.


Key Features Of Our Ordering App For Multiple Restaurant

Keep Your Customers In A loop
With Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking -

The provision of real-time tracking keeps customers educated about each stage of delivery in the same order as they unfurl.

Push Notifications -

With push notifications, restaurateurs can retain loyal customers for a lifetime by notifying them about delivery with push notifications.

Last-Mile Fulfillment -

Managing and tracking order status becomes uncomplicated with our solution that further leads to faster last-mile fulfillment.

Multilingual & In-App
Chat Support

Multilingual Chat Support-

Customers interact at a more significant level when they communicate or use the platform in the language they are comfortable with.

Uber-Like In-App Chat-

The Uber-like in-app chat feature gives the convenience of putting up their queries and receiving instant responses from the concerned personnel.

Multiple Payment

Integrated multiple payment gateways enhance customer experience by putting them at complete ease of making payments in the shortest possible time. Our platform supports payments made in cash, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments, and electronic bank transfers.

Reviews And

Enabling customers to review services and leave honest feedback makes them feel valued and enhances their experience. Besides, it strengthens the grounds for restaurant owners to make informed decisions and push sales. The feature also provides deep insights into consumer behavior.


Our food ordering aggregator platform processes, analyzes, and transfers the relevant data to you in real-time. The platform is powered by advanced features, integrations, and functionalities. You can also utilize the app’s in-built advanced analytics and monitor business’ performance.


With our solution, you can market your brand and promote it online by leveraging the potential of modern marketing tools like GMB posts, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Email marketing campaigns. This facility can take your business to the next level of success.

Get your own Online Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace

Go Smart With Food Delivery Aggregator Platform

A food delivery aggregator platform is your go-to solution. You can make your food delivery business soar high with a food aggregator app if your ultimate objectives comprise of getting an app like UberEats for your venture, attain massive customer engagement rapidly, low costs, and offering deep discounts to the customers.

There's A Lot More You Can Do To Stand Out With Your Doordash Clone

Make your workspace easily manageable with super admin panel dashboard and view total orders, commission, turnover and sales details

Reports and analytics

Aggregator panel is simply the best imaginable, from collecting orders to delivering and creating specific reports.

Delivery zone settings

Admin can easily track food arrival time as it happens and know the status and can also assign deliveries with bird eye view option.

Restaurant management

Sleekly add a restaurant, edit restaurant profile, accept or reject restaurant, filter, and view restaurant address marker.

Driver management

It includes – approve/add new drivers, conduct searches, filter, create map views of the live location and move forces for optimum efficiency.

Customer management

Admin can easily fetch the customer details and can gather customers' names, email addresses, and status can all be viewed.

Order management

Making the life easier for admins, to keep track on the total number of orders generated and can add ten or a few hundreds of cuisines hassle-free.

Food Ordering Aggregator Platform

A complete feature-packed platform for your food ordering and delivery system. Tailored to your requirements. Re-equip your approach in a go!

  • Customer App & Website

    A customer app & website enables users to choose and order food from the desired restaurants with a few clicks or taps on the screen.

  • Restaurant App

    A restaurant app is an admin panel for the whole delivery system. The platform lets restaurant owners see all orders & manage them efficiently.

  • Delivery App

    A delivery app enriched with features like maps & routes to enable courier in finding the most appropriate route to reach the destination.

  • Admin App

    An admin app with advanced analytics and functionalities like content management, user management, order processing, and location tracking.

Super Admin Panel

Reports & Analytics-

The super admin panel notifies every minute and critical detail related to receiving orders, delivering, and building custom reports. Our software is unparalleled in providing information in the correct chronological order.

Management Tools & Advanced Settings-

Our food ordering aggregator platform features the latest management tools and advanced functionalities to meet the modern demands of the restaurant business owners and ensure business growth.

Delivery Zone settings-

Our multi-vendor food delivery app allows the delivery of food across various time zones. You can customize multiple delivery areas, minimum order amounts, and fees that are zone-dependent.


Restaurant Administration

Order Management-

Suffescom’s multi-vendor food delivery app lets restaurant owners manage order size, accepting & rejecting orders, updating online & food preparation status, and delivery completion seamlessly.

Food Items Management-

Users can add new food descriptions, various food sizes, add-on groups, and multiple images. This will bring in more customers based on lucrative food item descriptions and images added on the platform.

Operating Time Management-

Suffescom’s food delivery app for multiple restaurants accommodates multiple restaurants with different operating times. The users can enjoy the liberty to choose or customize the time to suit the needs.

Customer Mobile App

Real-Time Order Tracking-

Our modern live order tracking feature integrated into the platform allows customers to know the order flow, right from the moment they place it until the order reaches them.

Advanced Navigation-

Suffescom’s application is designed intuitively so that the customers do not have to go through boring manuals, and they find it highly convenient to use. Our solution is easy to navigate.

Secured Payment Gateway-

Our solution comes with a secured payment gateway that lets customers pay safely for the food they order while comforting restaurant owners about safe transactions with their customers.


Delivery Boy App

Accept or Reject Orders-

After the preparation of the food is over, this option contains the number of orders and any order can be accepted or rejected by any of the delivery boys based on their convenience, time availability, location, and a variety of other factors.

Easy Navigation-

The most important feature to include is where the delivery boy determines the customer's location and the distance required to reach the location in the most efficient manner. This cuts down on travel time and costs.

In-Built Chat-

In some cases, the delivery boy will be required to call the customers to inquire about their location and other details. With this option, the delivery boy can call the customer with a single tap on the app.

Get your own Online Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace


Benefits To Expect From A
Food Delivery Aggregator Platform

Bring in more revenues and cut down operational costs with a food delivery aggregator app. You can leverage the benefit of low investment and high returns as you cater to a large base of customers through a platform that uses the aggregator model to deliver food to customers.

  • Low Investment
  • Low Operational Costs
  • High ROI
  • High Scalability
  • Unified Panel Control
  • Vendor Commission Management

Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

Suffescom stands tall amongst the companies that offer online food delivery app solutions for local businesses. Partner with us and convert your visual idea into a solid reality.

No Per Transaction fees

Suffescom’s solution advocates no transaction fee on orders. The users can reap the benefits of no commission rates and order food at affordable prices.

Unlimited Orders

Our Suffescomfood delivery solution introduces business owners to opportunities to generate high revenue with our unlimited customer/order procurement model.

Holistic Marketing

You can build the foundation for your brand’s growth and approach your customers to win their loyalty for a lifetime with marketing strategies & email campaigns.

Business Growth

You can convert your single restaurant business into a franchise or aggregator model in less time with our modern and classic food ordering aggregator platform.

Free Website

Choose our monthly subscription plan and get a complimentary website to reach your target audience and outsmart the competition in the most innovative manner.

Rich Portfolio

Suffescom houses a rich portfolio and has assisted many local businesses in scaling up their businesses and making their presence felt locally & strongly.

Adapt As Per The Ever-Evolving Needs Of
Today’s Technologically Savvy Hyper-Connected
Customer With Food Delivery Aggregator Platform

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