Make Your Own Brand Entity & Avoid Paying Heavy Commissions to Giant Aggregators

Personalize your own platform and be the jack of your trade with our top notch solution that's devised to handle millions of active users, sellers, and seamless transactions. Setup your store with our monthly subscription model in just 15 minutes.

We Know All The Answers When It Comes To Customer Loyalty

Resonate Your Users To Your Brand

By having a loyal customer base your business will not only grow but also build a brand image of your business. Bring your brand to the front seat with an economical and robust solution that will ramp up your business game.

  • Attract and Gain New customers
  • Seamlessly retain the existing ones
  • Experience increase in the sales
  • Create brand ambassadors via referral programs

We've Got A Lot More In Store For You To Get The Results You Aspire

  • 65%

    Increase in Sales

  • 40%

    Growth in New Locations

  • 70%

    Enhanced Team Efficiency

Scrutinize Our Out Of The Box Deliverables

Store Management Panel

Our store management panel helps to manage products and inventory with ease and monitor the number of orders, cancelled orders and other numbers to monitor performance.

Customer App

Enhance your on demand business with our customer mobile app for better user interaction and an increase in revenues by providing them with multiple categories to pick.

Delivery Boy App

With the delivery boy app the agents can register and create an account online to deliver and update their order status, view order history and keep track of their transactions.


Accelerate your business growth with our customer-led, insights driven and innovative solutions

Our Exceptional Set Of Features

Consistent Stock Management

Our solution comprises an advanced and easy to use inventory feature to eliminate the factor of getting off guard by low inventories. Our stock management helps to maintain your inventory to track the incoming orders, profit margins and insights to restock as per the demand.

Real Time Tracking

Avail the complete delivery status to your customer with our technical solutions and notify your customers about active deliveries with push notifications. And keep them in a loop with real-time alerts by managing and tracking order statuses to ensure safer and faster last-mile fulfilment.

Multilingual & in-app chat

Interact with end-users in the language they prefer. Our advanced solution will help showcase your business in multiple languages.The app allows you to be more responsive for the customer queries and disputes that they have to discuss with the restaurant or delivery personnel.

Multiple Payment Methods

Allow your app users to pay easily with multiple payment gateways. Enhance the overall app experience for users by spending less time in the ordering process. The multiple payment modes that we support are - Cash, Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile payments and Electronic bank transfers.

Reviews and Feedback

For a better user experience enable your customers to rate and share the feedback based on your food and delivery service. The feature is designed to be a powerful evaluation plan, to recognise the problems and make informed decisions to grow your sales immensely.

Advanced Analytics

We process, analyze, and transfer the data to you in real-time, providing the ability to monitor the full supply chain cycle. Our solution is completely branded and packed with advanced features, integrations, and enhancements. You can use the app's in-built analytics to see and analyze how your business is performing.

Your Brand In Your Way

At Suffescom you can launch your app/website with your brand logo & images for a personalised customer experience. We will assist you to build your own brand to secure your customer’s loyalty.Avoid hiring expensive app developers, get a pre-built solution for your business.

How Our Solution Helps To Boost Your Sales Single Handedly?

Enhanced Productivity -

Our solution aids to handle time consuming tasks like incoming orders in bulk. One can seamlessly focus on other procedures as well as upscale business growth and upgrade the user experience.

Retain Loyal Customers -

We also offer a highly customised loyalty program helping to retain customers and giving them a thousand of reasons to keep coming back to your platform. Intelligently strategize and target your potential audience.

Error Free -

Deploying our solution will automatically lessen the chance of any human error as everything is being held by an advanced automated system. Our monthly subscription based model helps to increase the efficiency of your workflow error free.

Automatic Analysis -

The solution is integrated with this feature facilitating the generation of reports automatically and the implementing the loyalty programs and discounts as well. The reports are proven to be helpful in developing future strategies.

with our branded website and app

Save Upto 30% In Aggregator Commission

Our solution gives you complete control over the platform and customers experience, while you retain vital customer data for future loyalty and marketing campaigns. For instance


Scalable & Customised Deliverance Alternatives For Your Single Store

In a rapidly changing and challenging environment one can easily opt between takeaway and delivery for your online business. If looking for delivery Suffescom helps you with two options given below.

  • SuffescomDelivery App

    If you can afford to have your own delivery agents then you can go with our delivery boy application

  • Third-party Delivery Boy App

    If opting for your delivery partners seems costly, then easily integrate third party delivery partners.

Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

Among the companies that provide online food delivery app solutions for local businesses, Suffescom stands out. Merge forces with us to turn your vision into a tangible reality.

No Per Transaction Fees

The solution from Suffescom advocates for no transaction fees on orders. Users can take advantage of the low commission rates and order food at low prices.

Unlimited Orders

With our unlimited customer/order procurement model, our Suffescomfuel delivery solution provides business owners with opportunities to generate high revenue.

Holistic Marketing

With marketing strategies and email campaigns, you can lay the groundwork for your brand's growth and approach your customers to earn their lifetime loyalty.

Business Growth

With our modern and classic subscription-based fuel delivery app, you can convert your oil and gas business into a franchise or aggregator model in less time.

Free Website

Choose our monthly subscription plan and receive a free website to reach your target audience and outsmart your competitors in the most creative way possible.

Rich Portfolio

With a proven track record and a diversified portfolio, Suffescom has aided many local businesses in growing their businesses and establishing a strong local presence.

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