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Offering a state-of-the-art transport solution at a price so low that anyone can afford it. Save time, reduce costs, and take control of your business with our fully-customized taxi dispatch software.

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A SaaS Based Taxi Dispatch System Trusted By 1000+ Taxi Companies

We want to help you alter the world as an iconic taxi service provider by assisting you in executing your dispatch operations at breakneck speed. Suffescom pushes technology forward by offering a one-of-a-kind taxi dispatch system with high precision features.

Predictive Analytics

Know your upcoming demand in advance thanks to Artificial Intelligence-assisted technology.

Business Growth Consultancy

Realize and comprehend your business difficulties to go forward in a realistic manner.

Faster Deployment

With cloud deployment, you can get on board quickly and easily, allowing your growth curve to accelerate.

Marketing Support

With our extensive digital assistance & built-in marketing options, reach out to your potential customers.

We Deliver Market Success With Our All-in-one Taxi Dispatch Software

Our SaaS-based taxi dispatch solution is fully packed with an extensive yet specialized spectrum of services. An approach that is agile, collaborative, and comprehensive, offering top-notch solutions.

  • Contemporary Market Research & Analysis

    Our experts will monitor your competitors briefly, collecting the stats and the latest trends, helping your business stand out in the market.

  • Secure, Modern, Robust & Bug-Free Solution

    We aim to deliver a secure and hassle-free SaaS-based taxi app solution combining strategic vision, technology, and industry exposure altogether.

  • Post Development Gradations & Suggestions

    Keeping up with the ongoing transitions in the market, our experts will stay connected to you, providing regular updates for your app.

We Are Your Revenue Growth Experts

At Suffescom, our solutions are centered around assignment strategies, tariffs, and zones to optimize your business. Analyzing your customer base, our services aid your SaaS-based taxi app solution by answering how software, technology, and industrial corporations manage, market, and sell.

3 Steps Away To Launch Your Taxi Dispatch Software

Launch your own taxi dispatch business with our SaaS-based taxi app solution. Follow the steps mentioned below and get a quote from our experts to get going.

Request Free Demo

Fill out the form to request your free, tailored demo, and one of our product experts will get in touch with you shortly.

Finalize Feature

After getting the demo, one can choose and finalize features determining the product vision, objectives, and success criteria.


Without spending any more extra time, launch your taxi dispatch software as per your sketched-out requirement.

Manage & Scale Your Fleet Operations With Our SaaS-Based Taxi App

Dive into an untapped market & maximize your reach from the widest variety of options to choose from.

Make daily commute accessible.

Quit making your users wait in the snarling traffic every day? With your taxi dispatch software, reduce the traveling time by 50% and allow your users to book a bike ride at an exceptionally incredible travel cost.

Ride Sharing
Carpool safely & securely

Give your user the advantage of riding in fully air-conditioned cars, that one can share with others as per their destination requirement and what route they prefer to take. Access to data insights can help you to relocate potential customers quickly.

Individual Cab
Perfect fit for small and comfortable rides

Opting for a SaaS-based taxi app offers your users a regular comfortable hatchback that can transform into your dependable everyday ride. Upgrade their experience with top-rated drivers and best cars with relaxed and extra legroom and boot space.

E- Rick
Eco-friendly rides that stand apart.

Not only the potential customers, but it is also time to do your bit towards mother nature. Follow the go green slogan and introduce e- rickshaw rides online, cover minimal distances without any hassle, and are environment-friendly.

Our Loyalty Program - Assisting To Engage Your Customers

Turn your satisfied customers into delighted brand advocates with our SaaS-based taxi app.

Improved Customer Engagement

Helps in strengthening the bond between the brand and its customers.

Brand Affinity and Loyalty

Stand out in the crowd and give the brand a competitive edge.

Increased Customer Retention

Creates brand advocates representing the brand as a true brand loyalist.

Reduction in Attrition Rate

Users remain associated with the brand combatting the attrition rate.

Reach Out To New customers

Gamify & incentivize referrals to the customers inviting new users.

Get Customer Insights

View real-time data by digitizing your reward program.



SaaS-Based Taxi App More Mighty With e-Wallets

Strengthen your taxi dispatch business by offering cashless payments with our integrated digital wallet system.

  • Minimize risk of frauds.
  • Reduces the abandonment of payments.
  • Improved comfort at lower costs.
More Secure

Secure it with a password or biometric.

Split Bill Facility

Split invoices entering the number of people.

Quicker Transactions

Make money transfer and remittance quick and easy.

Authorized Transactions

Enter a PIN & pay seamlessly.

Our Subscription Based Taxi Dispatch Software With Safety Commitment Features

Get ready to give your users safer, smarter, better & faster rides with our Saas based taxi app. With our platform we want to increase dispatching of rides, save time, reduce costs, and grow your taxi businesses by providing your customer a secure journey.


Taxi Dispatch Software With Multi Layered Safety Features

Safety for driver

With SaaS taxi software we let drivers navigate their trips on dashboards, provide feedback on rides, and automatically find their nearest available customers to have easy and hassle free rides.

Safety for riders

We want you to travel freely without any fear. This is the reason our taxi dispatch software enables users to track their rides in real time, check booking status, and provide reviews for drivers offering you stable rides at all times.

Safety from cyber attacks

No matter what sort of issue you are encountering within our Saas based taxi app, our team of experts is available round the clock to help you. Feel free to reach them at any time to get your queries sorted.

See What Our Saas-Based Taxi App Can Do For Your Business

Automate your taxi business with our taxi dispatch solution.

  • No more queuing, no more idle drivers, no more fuel wastage upon fake trip requests. Know your passenger before dispatching with our intelligent dispatcher panel.
  • Suffescom provides you with the finest native mobile apps for iOS and Android, branded to your company name, that will take your business to the next level of excellence.
  • The wallets system in Suffescom helps passengers pay for rides by reclaiming their credits or loyalty points.
  • Suffescom is the only company providing you with full access to source code. Add, edit, and integrate features in your taxi website and mobile apps anytime.
  • A single-page interactive taxi booking website will be integrated with the back end. Passengers can schedule rides, manage their accounts and payments with our easily integrated web booking form.
  • Suffescom comes along with a GPS tracker and ETA to navigate the drivers to its passenger's pick-up location and passengers to its destination.

Customer App

  • Passenger Profile

    Passenger profile

  • Multilingual support

  • Ride late

  • Fare calculations

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Promo codes

  • Refer & earn

  • Driver details

  • Driver rating

  • Ride history

Driver App

  • Passenger Profile

    Quick signup

  • Accept/decline ride

  • Pickup location

  • Push notification

  • Start/End ride

  • Online/Offline toggle

  • Live request

  • Navigation

  • Customer rating

  • Cab category switch


Admin Panel

  • Passenger Profile

    Dispatcher panel

  • Protected login

  • Manage owners

  • Manage drivers

  • Bird-eye View

  • Customer details

  • Fix tariff

  • Geofencing

  • Cab management

  • Generate reports

Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

Among the companies that provide SaaS-based taxi app solutions for local businesses, Suffescom stands out as we consolidate forces to turn your vision into a tangible reality.

No Per Transaction Fees

The solution from Suffescom advocates for no transaction fees on orders. Gain more users with no commission rates and by booking the rides at lower rates.

Unlimited Users

With our unlimited users/rides procurement model, our Suffescomfuel delivery solution provides business owners with opportunities to generate high revenue.

Holistic Marketing

With marketing strategies and email campaigns, you can lay the groundwork for your brand's growth and approach your customers to earn their lifetime loyalty.

Business Growth

With our modern and classic subscription-based fuel delivery app, you can convert your brick and mortar business into a franchise or aggregator model in less time.

Free Website

Choose our monthly subscription plan and receive a free website to reach your target audience and outsmart your competitors in the most creative way possible.

Rich Portfolio

With a proven track record and a diversified portfolio, Suffescom has aided many local businesses in growing their businesses and establishing a solid local presence.

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