Case Study For Single Restaurant


Innovative technology and virtual food ordering assistants have made on-demand food deliveries easier and efficient. After getting hit by the wave of Covid -19, the client was not able to generate revenue from its offline store. The client made the decision to take its offline business online with the help of a third-party aggregator. Yet failed to generate even 5% of the sales because of the competitors and nil brand presence on the platform. The case study depicts the contribution of Suffescom in offering the client our basic plan to better the situation for its single restaurant business.


  • The client has to go through a huge drop down in the 90% of sales at the time of pandemic and being dependent on the third party aggregators had a surge of 5% in the sales only.
  • Giving atleast 20 % to 30 % commission rates orchestrated by the third party on every delivery order with 5 % of sales seems inequitable.
  • The client was struggling to secure customer retention by building its own brand identity, plus kept on losing the users to the competitors as they keep on going towards better-discounted items and offers.
  • By not having a brand presence the client was not able to get sufficient orders and kept on losing the remaining ones to other competitors on the third-party platform.
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