Deliver Fresh Blossoms With Our Flower Delivery Solution

Give your customers peace of mind by delivering fresh flowers on time with our saas-based flower delivery app. Just like spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil, unlock the opportunities and set up your flower shop online in just 15 minutes.

Monthly Subscription Plan Just Like Seasonal Flowers

The floral industry is rapidly expanding, and the majority of sales are made online. With our SaaS-based flower delivery app, florists will be better positioned for success in this competitive industry. Your meadow flowers, combined with our cutting-edge technology, will set you up for success. You'll be able to represent your own personal and distinctive brand with our solution.

Our Solution Is Ready To Give Next-Gen Ideas For Flowering Business On Every Level

Get your hands on high-performance technology with advanced features for the delivery industry, which has grown to be a large segment of the industry. As a result, it's critical to plan for and recognize the growth of your delivery company.

  • Floristry Shop

    Create a direct business pipeline from your Flower and Bouquet store to the customer's doorstep. Our app solutions include integrated dashboards that allow flower shop owners to easily manage their services.

  • Multi-store Bouquet Chain

    A smart dashboard that allows you to easily keep an eye on and track every detail of all your stores and efficiently running a centralized operation among them.

  • Bouquet Marketplace

    Generate three times more revenue by running your own flower marketplace. Through our smart application features, we provide critical insights to the customers for efficient decision-making.

In 15 minutes Stock Up The Bouquets, Corsages & Boutonnières

Having an online ordering system for your flower shop allows you to manage data and information in real-time, allowing you to keep track of everything from pricing to inventory management, analyzing sales and vendor performance, and managing offers and campaigns. Set up your online store in 15 minutes or less and take advantage of our automated features.

Keep Your Blooms Fresh Just Like These Prevailing Flower Delivery Apps

From vibrant letterbox bunches to eco-friendly bouquets, brighten the day with beautiful blooms delivering via our flower delivery app development solution.


Flowwow is an online platform that works in 950 cities around the world for sellers and customers. It is a chain that aims to aid the local business to develop themselves, and clients - to save time from routine and switch to what is important for them: spending time with their family and friends, career, interests and hobbies, self-development. To do so they planned to build a system that would not only be easily manageable but also easy to integrate with. After shifting their business online, Flowwow gives the world a convenient and high-quality service that solves problems of delivering fresh flowers in lesser time. Apart from that by using an aggregator platform, Flowwow also deals in several items apart from the flowers such as culinary shops, jewelry workshops, and farmer’s shops.



In 1976, 1-800-Flowers founder Jim McCann opened his first retail florist shop, forever changing the way people buy flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Even having a flower business for so long Jim was unable to deliver its customers across town or across the country. To get over this situation, 1-800-Flowers decided to shift their traditional flower shop to an online platform. By doing so they not only get to reach the potential customers but also generated 5 times more ROI. With such tremendous growth in sales, the store itself opened a chain across the country providing the finest selection of beautiful flowers and arrangements available for same day or next day delivery, from roses and orchids to tulips, carnations, and daisies.

Bloom & Wild

Just like every startup owner, Aron is passionate about making sending and receiving flowers a pleasurable experience. By starting Bloom & Wild, Aron wanted a flower delivery management system to supervise every panel of the store. By opting flower delivery app solution, the store not only guarantees happiness but says goodbye to the plastics as well. They make letterbox packaging fully recyclable first as it makes up 90% of our overall deliveries and is working through making hand-tied flowers and plant packaging 100% recyclable too. Taking such initiatives proves that a successful and integrated delivery system can help you explore several areas of your business. It can also help to retain customers on much a bigger level by giving complete attention to the marketing strategies.


How Does Our Florist App Development Meet All of Your Flora Delivery Company's Needs?

Robust, feature-rich flower delivery solutions for your florist shop to help you provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers in addition to amazing flowers.

  • Manage at one place

    With the help of a bouquet delivery app for your flower shop, you can unite florists, delivery partners, enable/disable outlet locations, modify catalog, and easily control your online orders all in one place.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Track the number of deliveries, Flower Delivery ratings, and reviews, delayed orders, canceled orders, and undelivered orders to monitor the performance of your delivery driver partner with flower delivery app development solution.

  • Analysis and Sales report

    When looking for trends or patterns in your sales data, determine both opportunities and potential problems. Receive real-time insights with accounting details to grow your online flower delivery business smoothly.

Set Up Your Flower Delivery App

What are Must-have Features for Saas-Based Flower Delivery App?

We understand that the elegance and beauty of flowers are always trendy and others could not replace its prerequisites. Leveraging the same, our flower app delivery services work with extensive features and modules support ensuring your business success.

Reports & Analytics

Make the most informed and data-driven decisions when scaling up your flower shop. Admins can view comprehensive reports and know their performance thanks to the app's reporting feature.

Products Management

Admins have full access to add new products, update listings, and other product details via a single powerful admin dashboard to keep the flower selling platform running smoothly and efficiently.

Add flower Shops

You have complete control over whether or not to add a specific flower shop, and you can also remove them as needed. You can also make changes to those flower shop listings in your app to provide more up-to-date options.

Manage Customers

Admins can learn more about their customers and manage them more easily with the help of an appealing dashboard. They can better serve them in the future if they know what their most popular orders are.

Order Management

By managing orders as efficiently as possible, you can maximize your business profits. Take complete control of orders and stay on top of the system by having analytics for every order processed.

Earning Management

Take care of payments for flower orders with ease. You can track total earnings, including store and delivery guys' earnings, with detailed insights from the powerful admin dashboard.

Sales Management

The flower delivery app's administrators can generate sales reports directly from the dashboard. On a weekly or monthly basis, all sales and profit reports are generated for viewing.

Notifications & Alerts

As the administrator of a flower shop, you have complete freedom to communicate with customers and other flower shops. You can send them any information quickly via text messages, emails, and app notifications.

Manage Categories

The all-new feature category management within an app allows the admins to classify the listed flower sellers easily. You can set them based on the flower, distance, and discounts they are offering.

Customer App Features

The app and website allow customers to specify the delivery location. They can manually enter the destination or use Google Maps to get the delivery as soon as possible.

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Browse Flower Listings
  • Order Tracking
  • Schedule Order
  • Reviews & Rating
  • Multiple Payment Options

Admin Dashboard Features

The service rate can be set by the administrator via the dashboard. They can set service rates based on price, minimum fare price, and a variety of other factors

  • Reports and analytics
  • Delivery zone settings
  • Restaurant management
  • View all Deliveries
  • Order management
  • Customer management

Delivery Provider App Features

The delivery provider can use simple registration to begin receiving delivery requests from the store, and they can use social media accounts to facilitate the process.

  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Order
  • Notification GPS Tracking in Real-Time
  • Order Status
  • Account Overview
  • Help & Support

Set Up Your Flower Delivery App

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