Subscription-Based Liquor Solutions Ready-For-Market

Serve habitual drinkers faster by transforming your Liquor outlet or bar into a well-intuitive liquor delivery app. We get your liquor delivery business set up online in no more than 15 minutes with our SAAS-based solutions.

Turn To Monthly Subscription-Based Liquor Solution for Efficient Booze Delivery

Get started with our liquor delivery business solutions in less than no time just by paying monthly. Suffescom’s Monthly based Subscription-based solutions make it happening for you to get much efficiency over your liquor delivery business. To get this model prepared for your liquor business, you need to subscribe to monthly-based rentals.

What Type of Online Alcohol Delivery Business You Acquire?

Online liquor delivery is a new emerging trend that is gaining immense popularity all over the world. Whatever alcohol delivery business type or brand you own, we at Suffescom help you get the right-fit suite for managing your outlet or store.

Liquor Store

Bring your liquor store online with our quick solutions and allow customers to get booze on demand.

Bars and Pubs

Keep your bar afloat by crafting an app in minutes and customize it with everything your customers need.

Wine Shops

Utilize our online wine ordering suite and let customers shop their favorite wine at their fingertips.

Liquor Chain/Vendors

Adopt our end-to-end app solution for your liquor chain to sync multiple outlets via a single dashboard.


Get your own Liquor-Delivery App

Inventive Liquor Delivery Solutions for Varied Business Models

No matter which business model your business acquires, we can design a custom liquor ordering and delivery app for any model in line with business requirements and needs.

Online Beverage Marketplace

Serving big liquor brands with robust online marketplace solutions to provide offerings under their brand name.

Big Chain Liquor Stores

A solid app allows you to have control of all liquor delivery outlets via a single intuitive dashboard and track each store.

Single Booze Delivery Store

Get a branded mobile app for your single wine or liquor shop and start delivering faster booze to your customer’s doorstep.

Taking 15 Minutes to Make Next Hours Matter for Your Liquor Delivery Business

Suffescom believes in setting up delivery processes for liquor stores within a few minutes. We deliver end-to-end on-demand subscription-based liquor solutions covering - Customer App, Store owner app, Driver App, and Admin Dashboard.

  • Quick App Launch
  • SaaS-Based Solutions
  • Diverse Expertise
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Unmatched Support

Our Subscription-Based Liquor Solutions Fit In With Everything to Keep Customers Engaged

To make liquor businesses perform smoothly in the online world, we construct apps with advanced features leveraging the latest technologies. We also help with future customization of components as per your need.

  • Multicurrency & Multi-Language

    Within a wine delivery app, the multicurrency and multi-language feature allows your customers to use the app in their language and pay in their local currency.

  • Offers & Discounts

    You can enable customers to get favorite liquor items that fit into their pockets by benefiting from exciting offers and discounts available within an app.

  • Access to Multi-Stores

    Make ordering experiences more pleasant for your customers by allowing them access to multiple liquor stores and order their favorite booze in minutes.

  • Order Tracking in Real-time

    Provide your customers with a real-time order tracking feature so that they can track their liquor orders in real-time until they reach their doorstep.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    The integration of built-in payment methods inside an app allows customers to pay securely and faster through wallets or credit/debit cards.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    A liquor delivery app powered by AI Chatbot allows you to assist and solve customers’ queries faster, which further turns into 100% customer satisfaction.

One Smart App With End-to-End Liquor Ordering/Management/ Delivery Solutions

When you choose us to transform your liquor delivery business into an app, you will get an end-to-end solution with all essential categories and updated features.

Customer App

A Feature-enriched Liquor App for Customers to Make Orders at Fingertips

It's your turn to target liquor lovers with an attractive app by eliminating them from standing in queues and allowing them to shop liquor from anywhere in minutes.

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Multiple Liquor Types
  • Browse Multiple Stores
  • Cost Estimation
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Smart Search & Filters
  • Quick Shipping
  • Easy Add To Cart
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Order Scheduling
  • Add To Favorites

Delivery Agent App

An Amazingly Designed App For Delivery Agents To Complete Orders Faster

With an on-demand liquor delivery app, you can allow your delivery staff to receive orders in real-time and get them delivered to one's doorstep within the estimated time.

  • Easy Registration
  • Add Bank Details
  • Tracking Real-Time orders
  • Change Order Status
  • View Order Details
  • Track Routes

Store Owner Panel

An Intuitive Dashboard for Store Owners to Have Control Over Daily Activities

Liquor store owners listed with the app can utilize a powerful dashboard to control everything inside the business - order monitoring, inventory update, etc.

  • Managing Orders
  • Managing Inventory
  • Monitoring Delivery Guys
  • Adding Discount Coupons
  • Monitoring Customers
  • Generating Gift Messages
  • Regular Updated to Customers

Admin Panel

Have a Bird’s Eye View & Manage On-Demand Liquor Business With Ease

A robust admin panel designed within a liquor delivery app allows admins to overview the business operations like managing stores, managing staff, managing customers, etc.

  • Easy-To-Access Dashboard
  • Efficient Store Management
  • Managing Customers
  • Managing Delivery Agents
  • View Ratings
  • Blacklist Customers
  • View Daily Earnings
  • Resolve Customer Disputes

Get your own Liquor-Delivery App

Our Subscription-Based Liquor Solutions Ensure Seamless Business Control & Higher Profits

Your customers are waiting for an alternative to fulfill their liquor needs just in taps. That's where launching a powerful booze delivery app in a matter of minutes with Suffescom's experts can make a big difference. With an on-demand subscription-based app, it's become easy for your customers to avail timely products and you to earn recurring revenue.


Our Additional Features


Liquor store owners can give their business app a unique feel and touch with our latest change theme feature. Our alcohol delivery app solutions will enable you to change more than just the theme. It also allows the customization of the app logo and colors as per the need of the business.

Adding Multiple

The all-new feature of adding multiple countries and cities can help liquor vendors to take their business to the next level. With this feature, one can add country/city name, code, currency, and other details for their presence in those specific regions.

Easy Wallet

An exceptional alcohol delivery app makes it easy for store owners to keep proper management and track of transactions by utilizing an in-app wallet feature. Thanks to this feature, users can make payments for their orders faster and keep track of each transaction done.

Rating & Feedback

Enable your customers to rate and share their experiences related to your liquor ordering and delivery services. This amazing feature allows liquor business owners to analyze the customer experiences better and make changes accordingly to business for enhancement and growth.


By leveraging the most useful analytical tools via a powerful liquor delivery app, store owners can get relevant business insights and know how their business is performing. The advanced reporting and analytics allow you to increase your business ROI, upgrade the strategy, and find the potential audience.


The in-app marketing feature within a liquor app allows vendors to create a marketing campaign to promote their stores among customers actively using your app. It also allows liquor businesses utilize personalized messages to engage customers and make them aware of new products.

What Differs Our Liquor App Development Firm From Others?

Suffescom recognizes the amount of effort it takes to initiate a liquor delivery start-up, therefore bringing you a blend of innovation and value in solutions at affordable pricing.

No per Transaction fees

Suffescom offers an opportunity to build own liquor delivery app and get rid of per-transaction fees & high commission rates.

Unlimited Orders + Customers

Our Liquor delivery/takeaway solutions help you produce more significant revenue by getting the highest score of liquor orders and paying customers.

360° Marketing Plan

Suffescom also serves liquor businesses with a 360-degree marketing plan to maximize the chances of finding the right audience.

Expand Business Value

Scale up your Liquor delivery/takeaway business and expand its value by upgrading from a single restaurant app to an aggregator app.

One Month Free Trial

For first-time vendors, we have a one month free trial period. You will only have to pay if you are satisfied and happy with our liquor app development solutions.

Free Website Launch

Launch your website for free to capture the right audience with our monthly subscription plans and make your business stand out.

Get The Full Potential Of Subscription-Based Liquor Solution & Keep Serving Tipplers Right Away!

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