Expand Your Petroleum Business With Our SaaS-Based Fuel Delivery Solution

Boost your fuel delivery system with a mobile app that will keep your customers from worrying about running out of gas. In 15 minutes, you can set up your Oil & Gas Companies, Fuel Delivery Startups, or Gas/Petrol Stations.

Deliver Fuel Anytime, Anywhere With Your Own Delivery Application

Our on-demand fuel/gas app development solution is tailored to all of the industry's major players who can deliver fuel to their customers' doorsteps.

  • Oil & Gas Companies

    Create your own fuel/gas retail channels that can directly deliver on-demand gasoline to service seekers.

  • Fuel Delivery Startups

    Create a strong fuel network with the help of a mobile app that connects consumers with fuel/gas retailers.

  • Petrol Station Owners

    Customers who want to avoid long lines will benefit from the on-demand gas delivery app development solution

Next-generation Gas Delivery App Development

A feature-packed on-demand gas delivery app development solution that offers the best user experience for each stakeholder.

Instant Fuel Ordering

Permits selection of fuel type, quantity, and vehicle location for delivery within the required time. Its interactive UI/UX makes fuel ordering a simple and smooth task for customers and they can instantly refuel their vehicle by getting it delivered to their doorstep.

Upfront Pricing

With this feature, customers can get an approximate price before making the final payment. The admins can monitor and review prices of various types of fuels like petrol, diesel, red diesel, and more while removing every complication involved in the pricing part.

Track your Gas

Customers can use GPS and map integration to track their order delivery truck in real-time and stay up to date on the expected delivery time. Customers can track the progress of their orders thanks to the features, which eliminate any confusion. Along with that clients can get real-time alerts.

Hassle-free Payments

Payments are made using eWallets, debit/credit cards, virtual currencies, and account information, making the process simple and convenient. Customers can make payments using any mode that is available to them thanks to the feature of multiple payment gateways.

Ready To Set Up Your Own SaaS-Based Fuel Delivery App in 15 Minutes?

Running a fuel delivery business is difficult, but a gas delivery app development company can help you save time in your search for a dependable fuel delivery solution. From pricing to development, our SaaS-based fuel delivery app has everything you need. In 15 minutes, you can start using our solution and begin a revenue-generating and customer-recognition journey.

Equipped Aspects Of Our Gas Delivery App Development

Give your customers the comfort of ordering fuel/ gas from their native area without driving an extra mile with our subscription-based fuel delivery app.

  • Delivery Scheduling

    Schedule on-demand gas deliveries ahead of time to ensure that users in need get their gas on time. These request details are saved and shown to delivery companies so that they can arrive on time.

  • Technical Support

    The online chat support allows users and delivery providers to communicate within the gas app. The in-app chat feature allows providers and users to communicate while maintaining their privacy.

  • Cashless Payment Options

    Users have a variety of payment options to choose from when paying for the services they have requested. Users can pay with a credit/debit card, an integrated wallet, or any other online payment method.

Set Up Your Fuel Delivery App

Why You Should Hit The Road With Us?

With the help of our all-in-one fuel delivery service app solutions, you can boost your productivity and sales. We strive to create apps like

Bassett Petroleum

The company was founded by Steve Bassett on October 18, 1989, being so long in business they thought to diversify their supply to several areas of Western Canada. Fortunately, this decision turned out to be the best one for their fuel delivery business. Not only the company generated 54% more sales but also retained a huge number of customers. Their clients can easily have access to their service and the emergency delivery service to the 24-hour emergency response hotline, which helps them to prioritize every call and request they receive.


Booster - On-Demand Fuel

Booster had the vision to not only excel in the fuel delivery service, yet also optimizes the last mile energy distribution without any extra costs and reducing every sort of environmental impact. By reaching out to fuel delivery app development companies, they smoothly deliver more packages and engage with more customers, gets more out of each route, each vehicle, each driver, and each customer, and data insights that help them with answers at their fingertips to make better and faster decisions for their company. Keeping track of thousands of drivers they aim to make the safety of their customers the number one priority.

Site Fuel

Site Fuel is known to be the largest fuel supply network in America. From top-tier general contractors, global-leading cleantech forms, and national equipment companies – they work across many industry segments to deliver fuel. By managing the whole workspace turned out to be hectic for such a chain. Therefore, developing a fuel delivery app not only helped them to manage everything from a single super admin dashboard but also made it sleek to check their total revenue generated every week, month, or year. They show pride to be a one-stop platform for onsite fuel delivery. Anywhere. Anytime.


Get A Glimpse Of Our SaaS-Based Fuel Delivery App Solution

Customer App Features

Quick Ordering -

Customers can request delivery by entering their vehicle's location, selecting the fuel type, and quantity.

Scheduled Delivery-

For your convenience, you can schedule a doorstep fuel delivery for a later date and time.

Upfront Pricing-

Before confirming a delivery order, customers will receive an estimate of the cost.

Real-Time Tracking-

Keep your customers informed about where the fuel delivery truck is.

Seamless Payments-

Customers have the option of paying with a prepaid wallet, cards, or cash.

Order History-

A dedicated section allows customers to view and manage all of their fuel refill requests.


Super Admin Panel Features

Admin Login -

For convenient and role-based management, there are multiple logins for the main Admin and sub-admin.

Managing Gas Supplier Details-

For records, add/edit registered gas suppliers with complete details such as name, address, phone number, and registration id.

Manage Categories-

For the App, you can add/edit multiple types of on-demand fuels.

Manage Orders-

Get a complete list of your customers' orders, including the time of delivery, address for timely scheduling, and delivery.

Manage Customers-

This section contains all of your customers' information, such as their name, shipping address, and phone number.

Handle Payments-

Payments for orders processed by partnering gas stations are received and classified.

Vendor Panel Features

Manage Menu -

Gas stations that have partnered with us can easily edit and add items, as well as change pricing and quantities.

Order Alerts-

The gas station receives a real-time notification as soon as an order is placed, prompting it to act.

Manage Order-

Allow the gas station to see and manage all orders, whether they are incoming, in-process, scheduled, or dispatched.

Payment Tracking-

To better manage accounts and settlements, view all successful and pending payment details.

Reply to Customer-

A gas station can respond directly to customers, build loyalty, and take advantage of learning opportunities.

Customer Details-

Make all relevant customer information available to gas stations so that they can better understand their customers.


Set Up Your Fuel Delivery App

Gas Up Your Delivery Business With Our Fuel Delivery App Development Features

With the help of our all-in-one fuel delivery service app solutions, you can boost your productivity and sales.

Reports & Analytics

Make the most informed and data-driven decisions possible to help your fuel shop grow. Admins can view comprehensive reports and know their performance thanks to the app's reporting feature.

Products Management

Admins have full access to add new products, update listings, and other product details via a single powerful admin dashboard to keep the fuel selling platform running smoothly and efficiently.

Add Fuel Stations

You have complete control over whether or not to add a specific fuel station, and you can also remove them as needed. You can also make changes to the fuel shop listings in your app to provide more up-to-date information.

Manage Customers

Admins can learn more about their customers and manage them more easily with the help of an appealing dashboard. They can better serve them in the future if they know what their most popular orders are.

Order Management

By managing orders as efficiently as possible, you can maximize your business profits. Take complete control of orders and stay on top of the system by having analytics for every order processed.

Earning Management

Take care of payments for fuel orders with ease. You can track total earnings, including store and delivery guys' earnings, with detailed insights from the powerful admin dashboard.

Sales Management

The dashboard allows the fuel delivery app's administrators to generate sales reports. On a weekly or monthly basis, all of the sales and profit reports are generated for viewing.

Notifications & Alerts

One can freely communicate with customers or partnered fuel stores as a fuel store administrator. You can send them any information quickly via text messages, emails, and app notifications.

Manage Categories

Admins can easily classify the listed fuel sellers using the brand-new feature category management within an app. You can choose them based on their prices, cuisine, and special offers.

Set Up Your Fuel Delivery App

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No Per Transaction Fees

The solution from Suffescom advocates for no transaction fees on orders. Users can take advantage of the low commission rates and order food at low prices.

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With our unlimited customer/order procurement model, our Suffescomfuel delivery solution provides business owners with opportunities to generate high revenue.

Holistic Marketing

With marketing strategies and email campaigns, you can lay the groundwork for your brand's growth and approach your customers to earn their lifetime loyalty.

Business Growth

With our modern and classic subscription-based fuel delivery app, you can convert your oil and gas business into a franchise or aggregator model in less time.

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