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Start your Saas-Based Restaurant Solutions Real Quick and Easy

Get a white label food delivery solution that includes robust features boosting your ROI by creating a seamless food ordering/delivery/takeaway experience. Kick Start your Food Delivery with our monthly subscription model in just 15 minutes.

Our Food Delivery Application Development
Suits Everyone

Get your hand on robust and high-performance technology powered with the advanced features for delivery business that has transformed to be a vast segment of the industry. Due to which it is essential to strategize and recognize the growth of your delivery business.

Take One Step Forward And Overcome Challenges,
While Staying In Competition


Get an online ordering system that is easier for customers to find a favorite restaurant, filter food cuisine, choose from the items listed, and choose the door-to-door delivery or pick-up. Along with that, overcome the obstacles seamlessly.


  • Failing to provide a better user interface
  • Constant decline in profit margins
  • Customers are no longer loyal to your brand


  • White label model designed with advanced features.
  • Robust Ordering/Delivery/Takeaway system to retain better profit
  • Reward your existing customer base with promo codes and discounts.

Set Up Your Food Delivery App

Design is thinking made visual

Stay On Top Of The Searches By Leveraging Our Power Packed Subscription-Based Food Ordering Solution


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You can choose from our secure, quick-to-load, and mobile-responsive designs.Make a good impression on your potential leads and get more conversions. Your design reflects your brand personality.

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Increase customer engagement and get your creative juices flowing with fully customizable options that reflect your store's theme.

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Why Choose Our Saas-Based Restaurant Solutions

Make dining is simple and food delivery is quick with our handcrafted solutions. No matter how you want to innovate the food and restaurant industry, we have a variety of top-notch features to help you serve your customers better.

Launch a Website for Free

With our monthly subscription plan, you can stand out from the crowd and get a free website for your targeted audience.

Free Trial for One Month

We offer a one-month free trial during which you can evaluate and test our solution's features. There's no obligation, and there's no need to use your credit card.

Unlimited Order/Customer

With our unlimited order/customer model, our all-in-one delivery solution helps you generate more revenue.

Smoothly Upgradable

With a single click, you can upgrade your subscription plan and have your features expanded on-demand.


Customer App

The users would be able to enjoy delectable food in the privacy of their own homes. The user app will be including features such as Find & Select Restaurant, Browse Menu, Customize Orders, Push Notifications & Alerts, Secured Payment, and many more.

Delivery Boy App

The ideal companion app for any delivery boy, allowing for more efficient order dispatch and timely fulfillment. Our solution gives them the technologies they need to accept and fulfill orders quickly and easily.


Admin App

Admins can use a detailed dashboard provided by our SaaS-Based Restaurant Solutions to manage their restaurants, and customers all under one panel. Our admin panel includes a number of cutting-edge features that make the job of an administrator much easier.

Start Generating Revenue With The Surplus Benefits Of Subscription-Based Food Ordering Solution

Stay ahead of the competition

Our top-notch features ensure that you stay ahead of the competition as consumer demand for faster, more convenient ways to order grows.

Keeps track of your spending

Without having to look into cash registers, our subscription-based food delivery management provides an accurate monetary translation of each order.

Better Reach

Without having to make any additional investments, you can reach thousands of people at once and cater to a much larger audience with an online food ordering/delivery/takeaway solution.

You Get To Keep The Profits

No longer do you have to give the middleman a large share of your profits. Paying a flat fee for this functionality, on the other hand, allows you to budget for it completely. You make more money if you sell more things.

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What Our Food Delivery App Solution Do For
Your Food Delivery Startup?

Inventory management

Our solution offers you to manage your food delivery business inventory with our robust inventory management system. Our management is vulnerable to possible human errors, makes it easier to analyze the stocks, and provides you with real-time updates before going out of stock. Plus, there are zero margins for the error benefitting the small businesses and startups.


Our SaaS-based restaurant solution allows the business owner to keep track of the transactions. Without stressing about the minor calculation mistakes, one can easily get a cumulative revenue report weekly/monthly or annually. This way one can smoothly take care of the total revenue generated from every store.

Order management

No more missing out on food deliveries with our advanced order management. One can seamlessly keep track of the incoming orders and intelligently allocate food orders to the most suitable delivery boy, taking into account proximity and TAT. Reach your customers on time by assigning the best and most efficient routes to your delivery boys.

Inbuilt marketing channel

Our Subscription-Based Food Ordering Solution helps to enhance and maintain your brand presence with an inbuilt marketing channel. Share special offers and competitions with your most loyal customers. Build brand loyalty and encourage users to return to your app by offering incentives.

Convenience & Transparency

Our subscription-based food ordering solution acts as a catalyst for both customers and merchants to gain more convenience and transparency. Create a powerful food delivery app and keep up with the ongoing trends as the market is flourishing with new technologies.

Super Admin Dashboard

Keep track of delivery agents, vendors, and a bird's eye view of your store's/entire branch serviceable area. The super admin panel offers end-to-end access over the complete cycle with robust features and functionality. Plus, get an answer of where do orders come from, who fulfills them, and what is the status of agents/jobs and helps to manage registration lists, payment list and order list.

Our Saas-Based Restaurant Solutions Operates On Four Factors:

  • 01


    Deliver delicacies in a specified locality in no time.

  • 02


    Owning to strict social distancing rules with contactless deliveries.

  • 03


    Let your targeted audience find you easily in a definite geogra- phical area.

  • 04


    Monthly-based food solution with 3 times increased ROI.

Set Foot In The Market Like An Expert With
Top-Notch Features

Ordering Made Simple

Customers can choose the dishes to order, enter the required quantity, pick or set a delivery address, and pay.

Real-Time Tracking

Order status can be tracked in real-time, including the current location of the delivery personnel. Admin can locate all delivery personnel and what their status is.

Bird Eye View

Through GPS tracking, the nearest available delivery personnel is located, and the order is automatically assigned.

Customize Menus

Restaurants can easily manage their menus and dishes using an app or a web-based management panel.

Intuitive UI

An advanced UI for intelligent filters amidst sorting options to help you find the right dish, cuisine, or restaurant.

Manage Cashflows & Expenses

Under the dashboard, one can keep track of all the transactions. Plus, get an idea of total revenue generated weekly/monthly/annually.

No per Transaction fees

Every order with our subscription-based food ordering solution is free of transaction fees. Enjoy the prospect of no commission fees.

Expand your horizons

In no time, you can grow your food delivery/takeaway business by converting from a single restaurant to a franchise or aggregator.

Vendor & driver profile management

Admin can view, verify, and approve the profiles of both the vendor and the delivery boy from a single panel.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App?

Clients can subscribe to monthly or yearly subscription plans from any SaaS-based online delivery solution provider. Suffescom Pricing Model is a good place to look for low-cost online subscription-based apps. We guarantee that our pricing model is more flexible and cost-effective than that of any other SaaS solution provider.

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