Save Up To 30% In Aggregator Commission With Our Branded Website And App

A Whitelabel solution is what you need to own your data and push your food delivery business towards growth. Get started within 15 minutes and leverage the potential of an economical food delivery solution.

Commission-Free Online Ordering/Takeaway

Save On Fess With An Online Ordering Platform To Suit Your Business Needs

Do away with shedding bucks for paying aggregator commission and bring your own branded app & website in place. You deserve to save your hard-earned money by going in for a single restaurant online ordering system.

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Suffescom could save you





Claim Your Success Spot & Bring Your Brand To The Forefront

Satisfied & Delighted Customers

Our single restaurant ordering system assures to offer a user-friendly interface so that you can deliver what you promised seamlessly.

Cut Down Extra Costs

To cut down the extra expenses, there is an extra trick that our solution offers in order to upscale your margins by controlling the total inventory utilized.

Limelight Your Brand

Branding has been the bridge between your brand & your customers; therefore our solution increases profitability & your brand presence.

Master The Art & Science Of Customer Loyalty

Make Your Customers Stick To Your Brand

A loyal customer base lays a strong foundation for business to grow. You can bring your brand to the forefront with an economical and robust solution that will ramp up your business game.

  • Attract New Customers
  • Retain Existing Customers
  • Increase Sales through Repetitive Orders
  • Create Brand Advocates By Referral Programs

Keep Hold Of Success & Profitability With A Smart Solution

An online food ordering system can maximize returns in the long-run along with letting you earn recognition in the market. Customers can place their orders via your branded app and website with ease.

Mobile App

We create a full-functional and highly robust mobile app to let customers place order without any hassles.


A highly user-friendly website with cutting-edge features is just made to enhance customer experience.

Take Away / Delivery

Restaurants can utilize any third-party delivery service or opt for our delivery app or go in for take away.

All in One Online Ordering System That Is Powerful, Flexible, And Highly Configurable

A well-designed admin panel will boost productivity, provide data insight, and aid in the detection of bugs, all of which will result in increased revenue for your company. Having an intuitive and simple admin panel for managing customers, restaurants, and issue resolution, as well as viewing various reports and statistics, can be extremely beneficial to your restaurant's online ordering system.

Do Not Stress Over The Delivery Process

We are aware that the order is not completed until it reaches its final destination, therefore for your easement, we provide some fantastic options you can go with by adopting our solution.


Over here, the customer can seamlessly place an order and opt for the takeaway option without paying any extra charges.

Deliver With Your Own Riders

By having your own drivers/delivery agents, you can integrate with our ordering system and can use our Driver App for Delivery management.

3rd Party Delivery Services

Reaching out to the third-party delivery service, you can smoothly manage your delivery operations by integrating them with our online ordering system. The 3rd party delivery charges are pretty nominal and can be recovered quickly from the customers on each order.


Engage Your Customers To Order & Dine In Smoothly

The spread of the Coronavirus is limited when these touchless menus come into use by restricting physical contact. Restaurants can use QR menus to provide customers with an engaging digital menu and can place an order with a few simple clicks from the restaurant menu. With this single tool, you can expand your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs, and save time.


One Scan Away From Your Favourite Cuisine

If your restaurant believes in table service, our solution is best suited. All you have to do is swap out the printed menu for a QR menu!

  • Endeavor a touch-free experience for your customers in response to COVID 19.
  • Reduce your dependency on 3rd party delivery aggregators and builds your own delivery consumer base.
  • No Downloading of any additional app is required.

Why Switch Your Restaurant Menu To QR Menu?

Contactless Order

Eliminate every physical touchpoint possible and create a safer ordering experience for your customers by integrating a contactless ordering solution.

Reduce Overheads

Contactless QR Menu enables ordering systems that can help you cut down on the cost of printing paper menus on a regular basis.

Highly profitable

There will be no recurring charges to use any third-party aggregators by owning a contactless QR Menu for your own restaurant.

Quit Wasting Time & Make Table Booking Process Easier

Make it seamless for your users to book tables with an online table booking system. The easy-to-configure and-use design makes table booking a breeze, allowing you to expand your presence 5X faster than with a traditional business approach.

Our Restaurant Software Make Table Booking Easy As Pie

Making it simple to schedule your shifts to accept, view, and manage your online reservations all in one place.

  • Get Your bookings done with easy availability and quicker process.
  • The customer can seamlessly book their table and dine in with satisfaction.
  • Customers will get a real time update regarding the status of their booking, inquiry or out of the blue cancellations.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Keep all of your customers informed about their reservation status to reduce no-shows and help shape your restaurant's reputation. All reservations will receive an immediate confirmation email and SMS, as well as a friendly reminder, a few minutes before your guests' arrival.


Get A Closer Look At Our Single Restaurant Ordering System

Choose a scalable on-demand restaurant ordering system to provide reliable technical support for your food deliveries. Receive immediate assistance from our team of experts, who are always eager to help you grow your business through digital solutions. Start with our online ordering system to get a better return on your investment. For a better understanding of our online ordering system for restaurants, reach out to our PDF with one single click.

Integrated Features Of Our Single Restaurant Ordering System

Real-Time Analytics

Through a single central restaurant analytics platform, you can monitor your restaurant's performance in real-time and get data and insights across all of your locations, giving you complete visibility of your business. Have real-time access to information about your completed orders, inventory levels, top-selling dishes, and staff clock-in analytics, and more.

Route Optimization for Drivers

Reduce driver time on the road with our online ordering system for restaurants. Improved route planning and optimization will increase your order capacity, while seamless integration of your existing systems will simplify the whole process. Real-time delivery tracking with route optimization and accuracy will improve your customers' experience.

QR Menu & Contactless Payments

Our restaurant online ordering system offers a QR code menu for contactless ordering, and touchless payments. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, Suffescom is giving away QR Ordering for free with our solution. Customers can place orders within the restaurant, for takeout, or for delivery to their home or office using a QR-enabled digital food menu system.

Uber-like in-app chat

The solution’s uber-like-in-app chat feature allows you to be more responsive to customer questions and disputes that they have with the restaurant or delivery personnel. Furthermore, our advanced solution will assist you in retain customers and convert them into loyal customers.

Reviews and Feedback

Allow your customers to rate and share feedback about your food ordering/takeaway service for a better user experience. The feature is intended to be a powerful evaluation plan for identifying problems and making informed decisions that will greatly increase your sales. And quickly gain insights into your customers' behavior, which you can then use to improve the user experience.

Advanced Analytics

We process, analyze, and transmit data in real-time, allowing you to keep track of the entire supply chain cycle. Our solution is fully branded and comes with a slew of advanced features, integrations, and upgrades. Advanced analytics built into the app can be used to see and analyze how your business is performing.

Explore Our Deliverables & Write Your Own Success Story

Customer Panel

Select the dishes to order, set the required quantity, set the delivery address, and make the payment. It's that simple with our customer panel.

Restaurant Panel

Using the store panel, store owners can choose to add or remove an item from the online store, as well as manage the item's available quantity.

Admin Panel

With a standalone admin panel for customers, orders, staff, and stock management, you can easily manage everything under one panel.

Delivery Driver App

Drivers can manage their tasks; their new assignments appear as push notifications, and all scheduled tasks are easily visible within the app.

What makes us different from our competitors?

Suffescom understands how difficult it is to launch a business, so we offer you a mix of innovation and value in equal measure, all at an affordable price.

No per Transaction fees

Every order on Suffescom is free of transaction fees. Enjoy the prospect of no commission fees.

Unlimited order/customer

With our unlimited order/customer model, our food ordering/takeaway solutions help generate more revenue.

Monthly Subscription

Avoid paying on an annual/semiannual basis. With our restaurant ordering system software make payments monthly.

No Setup Fees

Without making any heavy investments, take advantage of our no setup fee service for any solution.

Get a Free Website

With our solution, get a free website for your targeted audience and stand out among competitors.

One Month Free Trial

Relish advanced features for efficient ordering, on-time delivery/takeaway, and smooth payment options for free.

From Unique Concept to Unique Creation
Increase The Pace Of Your Restaurant Operations,
Without Breaking A Sweat

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